Well, we have it. This is going to be our router.

router fon.jpg

La Fonera is in fact a nano wireless router: 72mm x 97mm x 22mm.

Our router is a social router in the sense that it is both a wifi router and a social platform. Everyone talks about web 2.0 web sites. Fon is starting the first web 2.0 gadgets, and there will be many. I believe that most gadgets that we now know will go social. iPods will go social, gaming consoles will go socials, digital cameras will go social.

Some technical specifications for techies: LA Fonera works with a Atheros 2315 chipset, Linux 2.4, FON’sfirmaware based on OpenWRT, 4MB Flash and 16MB SDRAM. Supports 802.11b/g the antenna can be removed in order to replace it for another one with more range.

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