The Movimiento Fon started in Spain but quickly spread to Sweden. The first appearance of Fon on a world wide basis was in Stockholm last november at SIME, one of the best internet conferences I have ever attended organized by my dear friend Ola Ahlvarsson. Why Sweden? Because Sweden is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, a country of early adopters. My thinking was that if we could make it in Sweden we would eventually make it everywhere. And after the Stockholm launch we were able to attract the attention of Skype (of Swedish origin) and Google and end up with these two amazing internet firms as partners in Fon. Five months later I am going back to Stockholm to attend a fonero party. I hear that over 600 foneros will be there. Should be a lot of fun. We are now 31,000 foneros world wide and are present in over 140 countries.

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