Last week FON Japan organized an event to celebrate and thank Foneros, bloggers, media and corporate partners in Japan. I introduced the event and we gave an update on FON’s success in the country, our second most popular country after the UK, but the first in terms of connected foneras.

Some of our great partners in Japan gave presentations on their companies and products, as well as on their collaboration with FON: Livedoor, Panasonic, Tsukumo, Sony, Internet ITS Consortium, Mobile MediaNet, Kyushu University, Flight System Consulting and Google Japan.

After our partners’ presentations we enjoyed a live performance by Ochi “Dainoji” Yosuke, a Japanese celebrity comedian and air-guitar performer (air-guitar world champion for the past 2 years!).

Here are photos and a video of some moments from the event (including the air-guitar performance!)

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