I am pleased to announce that Debitel and FON will start working together to grow the FON WiFi network, so Debitel customers with Nokia and other WiFi phones can call and surf for free when they find Fon WiFi. This offer will make it easier for mobile customers to choose Debitel over competitors and will help FON grow its network.

FON has also released today its first Symbian client for Nokia handset that makes it easier for Nokia WiFi phones to connect to FON.

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Mike on February 22, 2007  · 

Martin, the Symbian client cannot be installed on my N93. The download is only 56kB, which seems awfully small for any sort of app, including a Symbian one. After the download completes, the phone reports “Could not install this application” and quits.

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Martin Varsavsky on February 22, 2007  · 

Thanks Mike,

We will test it, but in the meantime we will remove it from the list. N80 works for sure, E61 as well.

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Anirban on February 22, 2007  · 


Don’t you think a similar agreement with Truphone will be good for FON?

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Pal on February 23, 2007  · 

The application does not install on E70 either. I get the same message as Mike reports above.

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steven on February 23, 2007  · 

I’ve compared this symbian client to the one provided by Telesoftas…
pro : your client doesn’t tell me your certificate is untrusted…
Contra : I can define several extra FON “profiles” to the telesoftas agent… (eg several BILL or different family member profiles)

They both seem to work on the Nokia E70 (S60 3rd release)

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Martin Varsavsky on February 23, 2007  · 

Sorry Pal!

Let us check some more.

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