As you can see we sell the Fonera for $29.95/euro 29.95. The La Fonera so far only retails in China, anywhere else in the world we sell it over the internet and we are getting around 2000 orders per day up from 150 orders per day in September.

The La Fonera is gaining enormous global acceptance both because it´s a fantastic WiFi router plus it has the added functionality of having a second SSID (WiFi network) that reserves extra bandwidth to travelling WiFi roamers and creates a global roaming network that is free to those who purchase the fonera. Once a person installs a La Fonera, they become a lifetime member of FON and they never pay anything to FON.

If you are a retailer anywhere in the world and would like to sell our Foneras at your shop, we will sell them to you at a price where you will be able to make significant margins and sell at our price of $29.95. We can deliver Foneras anywhere in the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan. For the rest of the world we can ship them from any of those countries wherever is cheaper.

If you are interested in selling our FON Social Router or Fonera at any shop anywhere in the world pls write to Faisal Galaria.

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euronerd on December 1, 2006  · 

So that means FON is going to end the give-for-free actions permanently ! (as a reseller I most certainly would not accept that kind of competition).

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Eddy on December 2, 2006  · 

Good news. I think this will make la fonera easily accessible to people who otherwise would not hear or take the step to join FON.I am willing to help people join FON in providing technical assistance, demostrating in public areas….I’ll get in touch with Faisal Galaria

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