This came out today in Hi Tech Weekly, a very popular electronics magazine in China.

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Fon lover on November 11, 2006  · 

Hi, I’m new to fon which is odd because I had never heard of your service before and I live in the US and own my own PC repair company. The ironic thing is I would have bought a la fonera months ago if I had seen any info before.

I want to see you succeed so I can succeed and I have a few suggestions

1. Advertise in a place where pc enthusiasts actually read, gamer magazines and hardware magazines such as maximum pc. I fix networks all day and I struggled with the crappy install disk and nonexistent user manual for a buggy router. Do you Know WHY? Because I was enthusiastic and excited about the service. If I were less Skilled/excited/kid-on-christmas I would have given up.

2. Send out trial hardware/presskits to All kinds of media outlets. Try to get your router in bestbuy or offered through tiger direct. Send out mailings take out tv ads. Get geeksquad (Your Colors Match) to push it and install it.

3. The Public fon WIFI page is not laid out correctly. You want to get customers who don’t have fon to pay at least once to make any money to reinvest. You need a BOLD $3 for access button. If I stumbled across a fon page I would not know if it was legit, boingo or t-mobile have very clear information on what they are and how to pay/login as a customer this is very reassuring.

4. Insure the currency of the router is listed on the fon wifi splash page. I am based in the US and when I log in to the public page of my router it says that access is 3 euros a day and I can tell you 90% of your potential customers would be confused/ suspicious of a price in euros. I know the price is really $3 But the splash page says 3 euros. This should be a 2 second fix.

5. Make an easy way for suggestions to get to the right people. Use the members you already have as a panel to test new ideas/survey. You have hardcore users/ people who signed up because they work near and fon ap and people who want to milk their broadband, use the hardcores to spread the word.

I hope these ideas get to the right people and get implemented before the momentum that you have captured evaporates. I expect that I’ll just get a standard form letter and have wasted my time typing this note but I believe in luck sometimes.

Please contact me if I can be of any service.

Chris O’Brien

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euronerd on November 12, 2006  · 

Chris O’Brien could have profited from the English board being back on line, and possibly give his personal opinion on matters as they are.
I suppose he will be able to read (and write on) the English board that seems to be on long-time maintenance by now.
Call it a Sabattical, in maintenance terms…
There are people that like to know when it’s back on line, enough know-how to start one or more forums without FON support, if it takes too long.

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arthurson on November 17, 2006  · 

Hi Tech Weekly mainly focus on hong kong people only.most of people living in china can not have chance to reach it.

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