Martin, THE Martin, had a dream. His dream was about all people being judged not by the color of their skin but their content of their soul. His dream was about access to a life of equal opportunity. I, Martin, an admirer of Martin Luther King, also have a dream. It relates to a newer form of discrimination: access to information, to a competitive education, or in short access to the internet. For 5 years now at projects like, Educar Chile where millions of children were given first time access to the internet we have been working at making access to the educational resources on the internet not a privileged but a right. FON while a company and not an NGO, represents the continuation of my dream: people sharing wifi to provide internet access everywhere. When I look at the United States, the country where I was educated and lived for 18 years I imagine that if Martin Luther King where alive today he would probably be fighting to make access to education/information available to all Americans. Without it you are an outcast, without it you are poor. America is still very far from offering a fair level playing field to its children. If you look at a wifi map of Manhtattan you realize how sad it is to see how access to information/educational resources drastically drop North of 96th street. When I read about Google´s plan of connecting San Francisco through wifi I wonder…why not Harlem? Why not connecting the poorest 20 million Americans so they and their children have equal access to information? When are countries going to be judged by how their poorest, and not their richest citizens are doing?

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Pablo Baqués on January 9, 2006  · 

let (wifi) access reign
and then
let freedom ring

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Pierluigi on January 9, 2006  · 

I think that wifi access will develop like other communication means in the past (newspaper, TV): there is a subscription-based offer(El Pais, Digital+), directed at affluent customers, and a free one (Metro, Quatro), directed at the mass of people that want information but don’t want/can’t pay for it.
Maybe a FON-like service will not be possible in the poorest area (because people don’t have money to pay for ADSL or FON subscription), but other services based on advertisement will develop.
For example, while you browse you see some ads every X minutes; this way, free offer could co-exist with paying ones (i.e. if you don’t want the adv, you pay the subscription).
What do you think? What about a Adv-based FON?

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