America is a democracy run by the republican party. Surprisingly the republican party has produced something that is pretty close to a dynasty. In Spain we have a dynasty, and a king. But our King´s values are more aligned to those of the American Democratic Party than the Republican Party. So America has a democracy that with elements of a monarchy and we have a monarchy that is mostly a democracy with a King who risked his life to defend democracy. And to top it all Spain is governed by the Socialist party, traditionally anti monarchic but now in a very good relationship with the king.

How does Fon fit in all this?

We are happy to announce that the Socialist Party of Spain has adopted Fon and our partners Skype as their main means of communications. The Socialist Party will Fon 1250 of their offices and is equipping their leaders with wifi enabled laptops. Does King Juan Carlos use a laptop? I don´t think so but probably President Bush does not use one either. The Socialist Party of Spain has realized that having its leaders carry laptops and show they are informed, aware and connected is a good thing for their image and more importantly, their functioning as a governing body. I wonder if the next President of the United States will write his own e mails. Maybe it´s time to change the red phone for the red fon.

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