I am pleased to announce that Fon has raised $14 million in its last financing round. It was particularly special as it was headed by the world’s leading chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm.

qualcommIt’s phenomenal  having Qualcomm on the same board as Index Ventures, Google, Coral, Atomico and Deutsche Telekom.

What’s more, this new relationship with Qualcomm won’t just be fundraising-based. They’re actually helping us with the development of a brand new Fon router.

Also, Fon will be integrated in Qualcomm Atheros’ chipsets, which means that more devices and systems will be automatically equipped to be part of Fon’s global WiFi network.

Lots of plans for 2014 after 2013, a  year in which Fon grew 50% and hit the milestone of 12 million WiFi hotspots.

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