Gspace is an application that provides FREE Online Storage to access your files everywhere. Gspace turns the 2GB of your Gmail account into free online storage. With Gspace you can manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all type of files within its simple, user friendly interface.

At FON Labs, we have gone one step further by creating FONBackup. FONBackup is a multi-platform application (Windows/Mac/Linux) that allows you to sync one of your computer folders with your Gspace account. The application will download all your Gspace files missing on your computer and upload all your local files missing in your Gspace account, creating an identical copy on your computer and in your Gmail account.

FONBackup is especially useful if you work on various computers or operating systems. You can synchronize your directory with a simple double click and ensure that your important files are always available to you at all times, everywhere.  Of course, you can still use the “I lost the file” excuse, but with FONBackup your important stuff can be safely backed up or portable in your Gmail account.

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