Fon logoThe attention FON started receiving last year from mobile Telcos, is yet another proof of the important role of WiFi. Not only in the sphere of laptops and other home electronics, but also for gadgets on the go, such as mobile phones. This year we will get a bigger and bigger share of our users through mobile operators, and hence much more connections will be made through mobile devices.

Now, naturally people will want to connect seamlessly to WiFi, no matter the device. Therefore, we are happy to partner with Devicescape, to give our users an even better WiFi experience. Devicescape makes clients that you download on your phone or laptop, and whenever you click to connect to a FON signal, the client handles the login process for you, in the background.

devicescapeWithin the scope of the partnership, we are giving our FON users direct access to Devicescapes clients for free. In Germany, together with our partner, mobile operator E-Plus, we will give our users a unique FON branded client for Nokia phones, that we are currently developing together with Devicescape.

This year will be the year of mobile FON!

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