As FON continues to grow in size, now with well over 300,000 FON Spots and thousands of partner hotspots, we also continue to improve in quality and pricing.

Yesterday, FON launched several new access products and features designed to greatly improve the user experience of people accessing the FON network. Based on feedback from dedicated Foneros, we now offer an access portal with a different look and feel, a simplified lay-out and purchase flow, and two new ways to connect: 25 Minutes by SMS, and 1 Hour by credit card, SMS or PayPal.

We are also testing prices in some areas to find the right price to satisfy all members of our FON Community: Linus’s, who want Aliens to test the network so they would buy a La Fonera and grow the FON network, Bills who want to make money from Aliens connecting, and Aliens who want to surf the internet and test the FON network before purchasing a La Fonera. And, we launched the Alien access in Japan where so far the FON network was limited only to Linus and Bills.

Also we implemented that Bills will be able to transfer the money they make to their Prepaid WiFi account. They can use the Prepaid WiFi account to surf at the commercial hotspots of BT Openzone in the UK.

These are just the latest examples of how we are continuing to innovate and improve the FON experience for all our customers. More exciting product launches, like Prepaid WiFi for FON network, our pay-per-minute access product, and the La Fonera 2.0, our best WiFi router yet, are to come soon.

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