But why is it that I still feel that they will rip me off?

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CasaMan on June 1, 2006  · 

Who are “they” and does it personaly affect you?
Where the roaming prices not to high?
Do providers like vodafone and t-mobile bennefit because they can roam on their own networks in foreign countries and other networks can not?

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Martín Varsavsky on June 2, 2006  · 

With Fon you share bandwidth at home and roam the world for free. With them you pay per minute at home and pay much more when you roam (although now a little less). In any case, it is not comparable cause our services are data with large throughput but poor ubiquity so far, and their services are low throughput compared to wifi but great ubiquity and expensive price.


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Christian Mairhofer on June 4, 2006  · 

Yes. I lived in Austria, travelled to Germany with my Data Card and payed for 22MB of Roaming Euro 180,- A big price to pay. Right now I am in New York and I am using the data service a lot (still no Foneros where I am) and I am really not looking forward seeing my bill once I am back.

I think where Europe needs to get is a United entity like the states and consider the countries as States and provide one flat contract for all of those. I think it is slowing going towards this solution BUT a way to go. FON could be a faster first step in wireless to enable that

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