Last night I had dinner with Esther Dyson. I have known Esther for 6 years and I am proud to have her at the Fon advisory board. There are many things that I could say about Esther, her critical judgement her ability to be supportive when support is needed but tough and negative when criticism is needed. But one thing that surprises me about Esther is that because of her gender and her age she is not representative of the average users of the internet companies she is partners with.

These users are mostly male and younger and yet she has complete empathy with them. At some point in the conversation, and I don´t know if this was a freudian slip, when Dan Gillmor made a comment about her she said “I am not that kind of guy”. At risk of sounding machista I can say that she is my kind of “guy”, sharp and yet sensitive.

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