At Fon listen to Cory very closely. This was last night in Helsinki.

Cory has a very complex plan to radically change things in the US telco world. We also have a plan. We think there´s a better way in which everyone gains: ours. So far 51,000 hotspot builders seem to agree. This was filmed in a very dark room with the Nokia N80 that Marko Ahtisaari gave me yesterday.

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Hasan on June 18, 2006  · 

Are you lot hiring in Spain? I want to relocate!

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Killy_the_frog on June 19, 2006  · 


By using google video, people in China like me can not watch the video… better use youtube… it work from China.

ha…. I nearly forgot it… One of your investors is Google… so you need to use their services… no luck for me!

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Martín Varsavsky on June 20, 2006  · 

And why do they block google video and not youtube?

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Killy_the_frog on June 21, 2006  · 

Hello Martín Varsavsky !

Fon is great, and I really follow the evolution!

They block full of stuff in China… that is impressive…

But the chinese government do not block google video.
It is google who do not provide the service google video to china.

when we try to launch a video we can only read:
“Thanks for your interest in Google Video.

Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn’t available in your country.

We hope to make this feature available more widely in the future, and we really appreciate your patience. ”


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Todd Boyle on July 1, 2006  · 

The idea of virtualizing the SIM out of its container defeats the entire purpose of the SIM, which is, to serve as hardware container for private keys

We need Identity more than we need transport. Doctorow’s ideas somehow to dance with the Carriers, or imitate their architecture miss the whole entire point. The world needs a plain VOIP handset that knows how to use WiFi, and has a unique ID somewhare in hardware where it is absolutely impossible to access from outside the device.

Yeah, its ok if the keys can be changed (thereby losing the users’ past reputation on networks) but people with positive reputations simply won’t be using that function much.

If Doctorow and his new Silicon Valley phone club can’t deliver strong Identity then Bah Humbug. Give us plain ol’ VOIP. We already have VOIP What we need is Identity so that you can have some assurance of what device you’re connected to!
(I am not suggesting an architecture where keys are administred by any central point of failure/capture/snooping/rent collection. I am suggesting an architecture where every device is born into the world with its own unique ID and it announces itself, and a thousand directories and reputation tracking services blossom.)

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