Since I met Chad Hurley last July I kept saying that Youtube needed two main enhancements, one was languages other than English and the other to offer a live format. Well, today I tested a service provided by Comvu over my Nokia N80 and it worked extremely well, first live and then stored on Youtube (the video is boring and in Spanish, but it was done over Comvu and then automatically sent by Comvu to Youtube after the live stream was over).

Why do I think that there´s a huge market for a Youtube Live type of web site? Because of the same reasons as to why there´s a huge market for live TV. There´s no better reality than reality…as it happens.

People like to know that they are seeing something as it unfolds no matter what they see. Picture soccer Mom doing a live show of her kid Joe playing in her High School finals and Dad watching show from a trip somewhere else in the planet, or picture kid Joe going to his favorite erotica live show after the game, or think of political debates that could not make it on national TV but some people want to see live, or in general picture the long tail of live television.

All the shows that would not make it on Cable, but could get an audience of hundreds or thousands on the internet. I think the ability of doing a live show over a telephone for all to see is pretty cool. And for FON it is great as only WiFi really has the bandwidth to do this, especially when you do it for free.

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Jennifer Blome on March 5, 2007  · 

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