I’m very happy to announce that Broadcom, the leading company in providing cable solutions based on DOCSIS®, has finished adding the Fon software to its latest SDK. This is one more step, and a big one this time, into growing the Fon network towards making “WiFi everywhere” a real claim.

With this integration, Broadcom enables any manufacturer using their cable solution to make Fon ready routers in no time, saving development time and costs as well as providing professional support for future maintenance and improvement.

This has benefits for all Foneros, since it will allow the Fon network to grow even faster, for router manufacturers, who will be able to provide Fon ready solutions much faster and in a safe way, and for the ISPs, since they will be able to market Fon solutions much faster even upgrading their existing router base when possible.

All in all, great news for the WiFi market!

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antoin O Lachtnain on November 27, 2010  · 

Now, that’s progress. When that shakes through, everything will go large.

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yeow on December 1, 2010  · 

What chipsets from broadcom that support FON software?

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iurgi on December 1, 2010  · 

yeow, their DOCSIS 3.0 ready family. They’re SoCs for the cable industry and Fon needs to be activated by the ISP and manufacturer, not the individuals. It is intended to allow Fon grow in a partnership model with ISPs.

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