Blanquefort, a beautiful small town near Bordeaux has become the first FONero town in the world.

The Blanquefort city administration has acquired 1000 foneras. On Dec 21st and they will be distributed for free among the 15,000 inhabitants of Blanquefort who have expressed a desire to contribute WiFi signal to the rest of the people in town and to all the foneros around the world who visit their beautiful village.

To be fair Blanquefort is our second fonero town the first one being Lund in Sweden who is in the process of being “foned” by Labs2 our ISP partner in Sweden. But what makes Blanquefort unique is that it is a city government initiative that has been organized with the help of the citizens. I can´t wait to come over to Blanquefort and see wifi everywhere in action. I promise to show up with my whole wifi gadget collection to try it out (PSP, Nintendo DS, Skype wifi phones, laptop, PDA).

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