Today I decided to erase the posts concerning the recent conference that I attended and I can´t even comment the details of the decision. Frankly, it is damn hard to be an entrepreneur blogger.

I blog as much as I can, but I can´t nearly blog as much as I want.

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gerhard on July 18, 2006  · 

in general this is to be called “censorship” – whatever the reasons might be, istn´t it?


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Stephan on July 18, 2006  · 

I hope you will have some conflicts in your mind. On one hand you share your ideas and thoughts and on the other hand you accept censorship by some “important” people.

Are these people really so important? Will they kill you? Do you fear them? Why?

The only reason i can imagine: You are somehow dependend on them. You need them.

Oh these closed communities. It’s like mafia, you can’t leave it, except 6 feed under. 😉

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Killy_the_frog on July 18, 2006  · 

What a pity that you can not comment the reason… I have my idea… Please continue to blog, and I hope that you will never have again to deleted information (I see that everydays in China… But I can not get us to it)
Best Regards,

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Oliver Thylmann on July 18, 2006  · 

Good decision Martin,

And it is not censorship if it was asked to be taken down and Martin agreed. That’s friendly behaviour.

And to Stephan, you always want something from somebody, be it love, friendship, a good time, money, interesting conversations. A lots of items on the list would be something that could be had at the conference you talked about, meaning that a simple request to keep the conference off limits can be gladly agreed to. Yes, blogging is about open, but only as open as it is good for everybody involved.

I don’t really want my home or family flickered or don’t blog about the too personal bits. That might be called cencorship too.

Looking forward to more posts on interesting subjects. Setting up a good customer support system for a a company in hypergrowth would be cool 😉

Oliver, running two fon hotspots

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Martín Varsavsky on July 19, 2006  · 


Well, they have their rules and after a lot of consideration, I decided that it´s their conference and i have to abide by them.


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Is the future of Blogging nice? on July 20, 2006  · 

With this we can conclude that blogging is very, very powerfull tool, isnt it?

Take note newspapers !!!

Imagine a world where all entreprenurs make comments about bussines world using blogging, this will be very, very nice. Wow.

I hope to see that !!!

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Stephan on July 20, 2006  · 

In gerneral it’s no problem, to leave something secret.

It’s only a problem, if the information are very important.

If there is no real influence to the rest of the world, then it’s no problem to keep something secret.

It’s a difficult path, if you influence many people and these people don’t know that.

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