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Hakan Tabor on November 15, 2006  · 

Hi Martin,

Although it’s nice to introduce something new, it’s not about who introduces it first, it’s about usability and style, performance and stability.

I love fon (I actually applied for a job at your Madrid offices a couple of days ago!) and I know for sure the Liberator is going to look fabolous and at least 3 times smaller 😉


H. Tabor

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tiberio on November 16, 2006  · 

Yes it is a very good router. I think that is the Asus WL-600g . I’ve read this news few months ago… (2006-07-25) so it is quiet old news but the stuff and the idea is still new on the market.

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Hans-Peter Bock on November 16, 2006  · 

Hello Martin,

will the FON Liberator have a RJ45 port for an internal network? Just like the WRT-54g?

If it will not have that, it will be uselesse for me, since I still have computers at home, that I want to have connected by wire.

Small size of the Liberator does not matter for me. I would love the FON Liberator to have space and connectors to mount a cheap 3,5″ hard drive into it! I do not like to have an extra case with an extra power supply to attach a USB hard drive to a tiny little FON Liberator.

Best regards, Hans-Peter

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Bernard Leung on November 16, 2006  · 


How about do a testing on the phone of “Linksys” + “Yahoo! Messenger”


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Jordi Sabaté on November 17, 2006  · 

Hi Hans-Peter,

Definitely, the Liberator will have the extra RJ45 LAN port for your wired PCs, agry with you is a must! Regarding size, we are making it small because it can be used with USB FLASH Dongles that now have sizes from 2 to 10Gb, for some Foneros this is a great advantage because with a small Liberator and with just a Dongle they can have real NAS substitute, pretty cool.

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me on November 18, 2006  · 

It’s the ASUS WL 700G give by Fon France to Martin 😉 In France, they aren’t very happy because now they can’t play with it^^

The Fon Liberator will be a Fonera with a USB port to connect an external USB hard drive.

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steven murphy on February 26, 2007  · 

run a squid proxy off the hard drive as well, or some other proxy server, help speed up page loads and repetitive downloads.

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Marco on July 29, 2007  · 

you say, we will enter the market in january 2007… but.. nothing heared any more about fonera 2.0…. mysterious..

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Martín Varsavsky on July 30, 2007  · 

Marco, We are working on it!

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