Now that we are becoming big I am getting comments from people who are turned off by our “Spanish leftist” look. I hear them, but I am not planning to change our image. FON is a telco revolution, FON is made of people who are fed up of the slow speed and the high monopolistic charges of the mobile operators and want to see free WiFi succeed. FON is user generated infrastructure: you give up some of your wireless bandwidth at home and you get it back anywhere else in the world without having to pay extra. You roam the world for free.

FON is people who have been promised the wireless internet and got tired of waiting. And that to me, is progressive. Why should it not express our views? And as a CEO, why can´t I express my views? I believe CEO´s CAN and SHOULD be political, because CEOs are citizens and all citizens should be political. So here´s a random list of things I believe in.

I am against the US invasion of Iraq. I am convinced that Al Gore would have been a better president than George W. I am in favor of the right of women to choose. I believe in Open Source. I don´t believe in secrecy and blog my ideas about FON. I believe that we should keep FON open to all and collaborate and roam with all other wifi networks. I believe that Spain would be today a more developed country if Franco had not ruled the country for so long. I believe that the Communist Party of China´s regime resembles that of Pinochet, monopolistic politics free economics. I believe that just as nationalisms endangered humanity in the last century Christian, Muslim and Jewish fundamentalisms are endangering humanity in this one. I believe that if you do well in business you have to give some of it back and that´s why I started and Safe Democracy. I believe that we are destroying our planet. I believe that the first step towards fixing the politics of a country is to stop blaming other countries for their problems. And there are tons of other things I believe in. But as importantly, I believe that you can disagree with all my views and still travel the world with your wifi signal by joining FON.

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