FON´s idea –that people build their own FON company–, may be replicated by cellular operators according to this interesting article in GigaOM.

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Mike on December 10, 2006  · 

but how to obtain a frequency license for GSM ??

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Roetzen on December 10, 2006  · 

It will operate under the license of the cell phone operator of the femto cell’s owner.

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Martin Varsavsky on December 11, 2006  · 


They give u the box. It’s their box, their license, u help them grow their propietary network with your dsl

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Christian von der Ropp on December 14, 2006  · 

IP.access has already developed a so called “femto cell” – a WiFi-router-sized box (120 mm × 162 mm× 40 mm), that provides 3G/HSDPA coverage within a distance of up to 200 meters. The device operates in the licensed 2,1-GHz-band at 5 mW and allows HSDPA (16QAM) connections with 7,2 MBit/s besides voice telephony. The uplink will be established by any broadband internet connection through an ethernet port. Seamless handovers from and to regular 3G-cells are to work, too.
ABI research expects more than 32 million of such or similar devices to be installed by 2011, which will then serve more than 100 million users.

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