Here´s Endgaget great coverage of the iPhone. It´s as detailed as it could be made after Steve Jobs launch.

Now if you care about style Om Malik´s account is better prose. I instead, will just focus on one thing which is that the iPhone has WiFi and FON has the largest number of WiFi access points in the world and we are growing at a rate of around 800 per day in Asia, USA and EU. By the end of 2007 we expect to have around 300K points.

Now why is the iPhone important? Because WiFi is finally and definitely migrating from the lap to the pocket. With gadgets like the Nokia N80, the iPhone, people will seek WiFi not just to save money, but simply because neither 3G nor 4G networks can carry 40GB of info, WiFi can. Especially WiFi connected to the average European and Asian connections which are much faster on the average than the American ones.

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