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18 months ago, at Fon, we launched Twitxr which means twitter plus picture (pronounced twitchr as in basque tx is pronounced ch). We then got coverage from Techcrunch, the Guardian and others. We developed Twitxr at the time the iPhone was getting started and Twitter was just gaining strength. We did from Fon because we wanted to show that there were ways to use Twitter that needed bandwidth and therefore WiFi. Our objective was to do something core to Fon and develop a WiFi enabled Twitter. We had planned to add video to it. But either by copying us or by simultaneous invention the idea of tweets+geolocalizationfriendsmap+pictures+crosspostingfacebookflickr became very popular. Other twitter type projects like Twitpic, Twitwall, Pikter, Pikchur, Twics, here´s 26 of them. At this point we are ready to merge with any of those sites. Twitxr is very global and gets a new picture every 3 minutes or so from all over the world. If you are interested pls contact me at

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