I just got the latest numbers on registered foneros around the world. They are shockingly good. FON´s stated objective was to be the largest hot spot network in 2006. We were looking at Boingo a super successful and very well managed hot spot aggregator who says in their home page that they have 25,000 hot spots from many different telcos around the world. They were our benchmark. When we presented to Skype, Index Ventures, Sequoia and Google we stated our objective as being the largest hot spot network in the world by the end of 2006. But 10 days ago we had 3000 registered foneros. Today we have 15,615 in the process of becoming active hot spots. And this is all happening before our ISP partnerships start delivering FON ready customers, before Linksys and other router makers start selling FON ready routers in their shops, before we show up in the web pages of our partners and other web sites, before we make agreements with cities to use FON as their muni wifi project, and before our management structure is in place in most countries to make it all work. Frankly I don´t know how many foneros we will have by the end of the year but 25,000 foneros by year end looks very doable now. In the meantime I would like to thank everyone for their trust and again apologize for the delay in delivering routers. I guess the good news is that we buy them for $50, we flash them and we sell them for $25. The other good news is that we did not take anyone´s money when we realized how swamped we were and we only took reservations. The bad news is that it will take us a month at least to fulfill the orders. But we will.

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