FonWit is a Skype plug in that helps you be smarter when you chat. FonWit is particularily good for job interviews, flirting and other activities in which being smarter helps you. Moreover when you chat with FonWit you learn as you chat. Try it out!

Download Fon Wit (Windows version)


    Double click in the MSI file downloaded. The .Net framework is required. You can download and install it here.


    With Skype running, double click the FonWit icon on the desktop. When you click a word you will get its definition.

    For example, you are chatting, and somebody asks you, Do you believe in the Panspermia theory of life? And you have no clue what that is, so you click on Panspermia and you get the definition, and you can quickly reply if you do or you don´t


Español / English

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