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paul Kruszka on June 4, 2008

have bill clinton talk to his wife,hillary about an independent run for the pres. Remember joe l. senator from conn. his friends left him as her friend left her, he won because people vote for the person first and party second. also she won the states with the electoral votes to make her pres. ( she got more votes in these states them either oboma or mccain)

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Moo on June 15, 2008

Please explain this sentence: Martin Varsavsky is an Argentine/Spanish entrepreneur, founder of seven companies in the past 20 years.

How can you say you are Argentine/Spanish if the only spanish root with Spain you have is the language? Using the same rule of thumb we could say you are Argentine/American because you had lived in the US longer than you do in Spain and your citizenship in both cases (US and Spain) are due to condition of residency not roots. Please do not try to mask your roots, you are just an Argentinian with few nationalities.

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