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David Oliver on February 3, 2008

Why won’t my comment be published?

While the figures look good for both countries I think they have problems in the medium to long term. Russia is benefiting from high global prices generated by a resources boom but with the easy money coming from high energy prices I doubt if it is building many other sustainable industries. I also wonder if people really like Putin, or just the fact that he has thrown a lot of fat cat oligarchs in jail.

China has grown rapidly from a low base in recent decades on the back of an export driven economy and huge infrastructure spending (consumption as a % of GDP has actually dropped). But it has done this at a huge cost to its environment and most of the benefits have flowed to a privileged minority living in the cities, not to the average peasant in the countryside.

I expect both countries to hit some serious roadbumps in the coming years.

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Fred Sagen on February 4, 2008

You might be interested to know that Fon got an honourable mention in the latest issue (2nd Feb 2008) of New Scientist in the article titled “Wi-Fi ‘co-op’ could provide internet for all” on their website but titled “Now it’s safe to let Wi-Fi out to play” in the print issue.

It’s what set me looking for the Fon site which led to a map of local ‘co-op’ members.

Ultimately, after a long search and many detours, I ended up here.

I’m very seriously interested in this product considering that the article mentions that the software is Open-Source which to me means that there will be more “hackers” tightening it up than cracking it.

(Sorry, I originally posted this on the “La Fonera+ is here” page then, realising my error, copied and pasted it here.)

BTW have you noticed the numbers of “free” invitations being sold on eBay recently.
I think the idea of free invites is a great ‘pyramid selling’ idea for any company intent on ‘world domination’. (;->)

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