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Mario on April 4, 2008

Martin sos un groso, ignoro cuantos salvadoreños te leeran pero yo soy un fana desde hace ratos! saludos desde el pulgarcito de America!

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Miguel Oliveira on April 8, 2008

Attention Martin Varsavsky: is not working properly and there is no way to email them !!!!

Registered already twice (with the supplied email address) in order to be able to order La Fonera but, when trying to login the system keeps saying that this email has not been registered. Thus the ordering of la Fonera failed because of this !
As it is necessary to register in order to send feedback to the them and as the registration keeps failing – the support department cannot receive the feedback to correct the problem.

I have screen dumps of the registration process that I can upload to help resolve the problem. But I cannot contact them because they have no regular email address publicized (at least I could not find it)

If your target is one million Fon members by 2010 you need to solve this kind of problems otherwise you will not be able to reach that target.

My compliments for your fantastic blog entries (in all respects, including political and moral positions).

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Martin Varsavsky on April 9, 2008

We will get in touch with you Miguel

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