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neok on June 19, 2007

Hey Martin,

No sure wehther FON is in South Korea already, but I am doing some research on that country and was wondering how FON is doing there. High bb penetration and many people in urban areas. An ideal setting for FON on first sight. See more in this pdf here:


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Susan Baldwin on June 20, 2007

Dear Mr. Varsavsky,

I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the video Matador my son, Brian Baldwin, filmed and edited regarding your company Fon. I think he’s a pretty talented and clever young man.


Susan Baldwin
aka Brino’s mom

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Spencer on June 27, 2007

Dear Martin,

Just thinking, why don’t try to introduce Fon in Mexico?
I am sure you know, but is an interesting market, with as many internet users as Canada and, most important, with one of the highest increase rates in internet penetration.

Is there a way of helping with the distribution?
Or, at least, can I order a Fon from USA to be delivered to Mexico?

Thank you,


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