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ilan a. on July 18, 2007

Hello martin,
I am a French, New York based Fonero, Web/Mobile Entrepreneur, and I have been following your blog for a while now. I would love to meet with you while you are in New York, and share some ideas about Fon and your other ventures with you! I met Tariq, Michel De Guilhermier, and others here in New York, and love to share some views with famous web entrepreneurs who stop by here. I know quite a few of them now.
Would you be up for a quick drink?

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Hasan Diwan on July 19, 2007

Bay area Fonero here, we missed each other, as I was out of town while you were here, but I do follow fon and your blog postings, I recently posted a treatise on terrorism, which I’d like you to look at and comment on. Many thanks! — H

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Carmelo Zaccone on July 25, 2007

Good afternoon Martin,

Two week ago, a journalist did interview the Belgian ministerial cabinet of research & technology (DGTRE) and myself on Belgian WiFi initiatives including the AWT’Fon.

AWT’s ideas behind WiFi access is to enable universal access to public information thru novatives initiatives such as FON!

My colleague Pascal Poty has also posted the news and some pics on Mobisphere

The AWT’s FON portal is available @ this FON url

The newspaper’s article is online on la libre entreprise

NB: I do keep also Jan Karel Kleijn informed of this.

Best regards

ir. Carmelo Zaccone

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swimgod on July 29, 2007

Hey Martin,

From what i understand you own or partly own
if you do would it not be a resonable request to ask them to put their logo on semi-transparent when playing the video, it is a little large and annoying… i understand they want to let people know where its coming from, but i think you could have it go at least some degree of transparency when you press play?

thanks šŸ™‚

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