I have spent the last two days showing the Fonera 2.0n to key opinion makers in the Valley and with a few exceptions I found a clear generational divide. To people over 40, my contemporaries, the key feature of the new Fonera, namely its ability to upload and download is mostly uninteresting. Older people seem to send and receive few large files from the Internet. People in their 20s however want one. They spend an incredible amount of time uploading to YouTube, Facebook, and to some extent Flickr and Picasa. More important they spend and even greater amount of time downloading from Bit Torrent sites, Megaupload, Rapidshare and they know what it is to wait and wait for content to download. For older people the only feature that they find interesting is converting 3G to WiFi (some spoke about using it for the kids in the van) and backing up their files. For many of them the feature that we are working on that will allow you to ask your computer to download torrents via Twitter and to be notified when they are done, was irrelevant. Because of my age, I should be on the group that finds the Fonera uninteresting. But I live in a country, Spain, in which we pay a tax on hard drives and digital memories of all kinds and then we are allowed to download whatever we want for personal use. Moreover I also download paid and free content. And as you can see in this blog, especially in the Spanish version, I also upload. There are tons of videos that I send to YouTube. As I switch to HD, at 100MB per minute of video content trying to reach Youtube, the waiting during uploading is exasperating. Instead with the Fonera 2.0n I send the video over WiFi to the Fonera 2.0n and go to work, in a few hours it is in Youtube.

So just like I had the idea for while Fon searching for WiFi in Paris in late ’05, I got the idea for the Fonera 2.0n a year later while trying to free up my laptop from doing tedious tasks that required me to wait at home such as uploading and downloading. In general I would say that I design products that I like to use. And thanks to the amazing team of developers we have at Fon, they happen. But from what I have seen my products are unfortunately not for my generation. Still so long as there are people who are willing to buy them why should I care if they are not in their 40s?

FON is seeking a junior technician to reinforce is technical and logistic support team in Madrid.

– Technical and logistic support for French / English speaking countries.
– Translate and collaborate for the documentation of FON products and services.
– Help improving FON services, reporting problems faced by users, with the ability to prioritize and propose solutions.
– Follow IT news in French / English speaking countries.

– Must: French or English as mother tongue. Knowledge of Spanish is an asset.
– Experience in technical support is an asset.
– Good knowledge internet, computers and network technologies (Wireless).
– Good writing skills
– Proven interest in IT and technology in general.
– Proactive approach, will to learn and to be part of the FON project.

If you are interested in this position, please send your cv to hr@fon.com

I’ve been told about this interesting open source project (article in Spanish) with the Fonera. It consists of an alarm that is activated via an RF emitter (of the kind that are used to open garage doors) and sends an SMS to a mobile number of your choice.

It can be useful for elderly people in need of assistance or shop owners who want to alert someone of a robbery.

The only equipment needed is an RF emitter, a receiver and a Fonera with the OpenWrt firmware.

Jordi from Fon alerted me to this project. As a sailor with an equal passion for alternative energies I loved it.

The Zero CO2 project‘s objective is to sail around the Mediterranean using clean energy. The yacht is powered by an electric motor driven by a hydrogen fuel cell. It also uses renewable energies (solar, wind and hydro) for on-board power.

The boat is equipped with a fully integrated laboratory and will capture important scientific data on man-made pollution throughout the 10 month expedition. It will travel around the Mediterranean coast as far as Turkey on a journey that will commence in March, 2010.

American politics is at its worst when it is mixed with God and/or Sex. Here´s a new scandal that combines both (plus my native Argentina). America, please grow up.

As a congressman, Sanford voted in favor of three of four articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton, citing the need for “moral legitimacy.”


At Fon we created a simple tool that is a real time search engine. We call it Unfolding News, URL www.unfoldingnews.com. Unfolding News is a search engine for unfolding stories. We did it as an internal tool but now it´s online. We created it to see what people thought about our products, say the Fonera. But we put it online for all to use. Say you are a company and you launch a product and you want to see how blogs, news agencies, media in general, and even twitter is reacting to your product, then you go to Unfolding News. Or you want to follow a news story, like the Air France crash over the ocean. You can see stories as they appear. It´s like a live search engine.

Andorra is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world. I did not know this when I recently had dinner with the country´s Prime Minister, Albert Pintat. Andorra is small but it´s not the Vatican. It has 80,000 very well off people with a GDP of close to $3bn. It is a beautiful mountain country between France and Spain. During our dinner we spoke about creating a regime attractive to IT companies and we were talking about how to promote Andorra in the world. Longevity though was not part of our conversation. I think it´s a nice record to have.

Read this from CNET. Now see how the stock is doing right now.

Here are the stats on market share. And here on traffic. They are not totally consistent. But they give you and idea. I do not know if the internet traffic off iPhones is a combination of WiFi traffic and mobile network traffic. I suppose so.

The British have a way with words; they appointed Tom Watson, the man with the most unoriginal name, to the most original job: minister of digital engagement. Good news is that Tom Watson loves open source.

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