There are astronomical reasons for the day to be a day, there are astronomical reasons for the year to be a year, but there are no astronomical reasons for the week to be a week. My father, Carlos Manuel Varsavsky, who was an astronomer, knew this well.

So my father thought of another week. A better week. A week that lasts 6 days. A week in which you work for 4 days and rest two and yet the country’s GDP stays the same.

How? Well stop reading now and see if you get it.

Did you think that we could work 10 hours per day instead of 8?

No, that’s not it. My father, who unfortunately passed away in 1983 at the young age of 49, had a better idea. But a bit more complex.

The solution to how to get everyone to work one day less, and for GDP to stay the same, has to do with not everyone working and resting at the same time as we do now. Currently we have a system of a 7 day week in which most of us work 5 days and rest 2 and work 40 hours. My father’s idea consists in randomly splitting the population in three groups, let’s call them Red, Blue and White groups to make the French and the Americans happy. Once people are randomly distributed (everyone in the same family gets the same week), then each group is ready to work and rest but not simultaneously. Society would have one third of the people who follow the red week, another third the blue week and the last third the white week. Everyday there would be two groups working and one resting, rotating.

Why does GDP stay the same? Because all the fixed investment of society gets used every day. Every school, factory, office building, road, everything that we invested trillions in building would be used every day, the thing is, not by the same people.

There is also a 9 day week possibility to this idea. Work 6 but every weekend is 3 days long. Not bad.

Fon logoThe attention FON started receiving last year from mobile Telcos, is yet another proof of the important role of WiFi. Not only in the sphere of laptops and other home electronics, but also for gadgets on the go, such as mobile phones. This year we will get a bigger and bigger share of our users through mobile operators, and hence much more connections will be made through mobile devices.

Now, naturally people will want to connect seamlessly to WiFi, no matter the device. Therefore, we are happy to partner with Devicescape, to give our users an even better WiFi experience. Devicescape makes clients that you download on your phone or laptop, and whenever you click to connect to a FON signal, the client handles the login process for you, in the background.

devicescapeWithin the scope of the partnership, we are giving our FON users direct access to Devicescapes clients for free. In Germany, together with our partner, mobile operator E-Plus, we will give our users a unique FON branded client for Nokia phones, that we are currently developing together with Devicescape.

This year will be the year of mobile FON!

While we still can’t disclose from whom FON got an order for 400K Foneras, I can say that it is a mobile operator. Mobile operators are realizing that FON is their amigo. That, for them, it’s great when customers who paid their monthly 3G fees offload their traffic onto a WiFi network. More to follow.

My friends Pablo and Rosa Oks of Argentina asked Chilean architect Mathias Klotz to design a home for them in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. The result is stunning. It is a three bedroom home facing the Atlantic Ocean. Jose Ignacio is a small village in Uruguay near the mostly environmentally destroyed Punta del Este. Even though the famous Chilean architect gets most of the credit, I think that Pablo and Rosa deserve a significant part of it. Pablo is an instinctual decorator and Rosa is a great landscape artist who also did my garden.

I started studying photography. I am on my 4th lesson. Photography is something that we all do, but few know about. I don’t know why it took me so long to take a serious interest in it. With a few lessons your pictures start getting much better.

For those of us who get to travel a lot, photography and video are two amazing tools for sharing our lives. There are no words that could communicate our walk with Nina around Jose Ignacio during a storm as these pictures do.

In the afternoon we went to La Pedrera, another town.

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