After launching the FONero Promise in Sweden and Denmark, FONspot orders exploded. In the 10 months previous to this week we had had 1500 FONspot in Sweden, but in the last 2 days we received 2900 orders of Swedes excited about getting their Foneras for free and without even have to give credit card information.
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Here´s a good TV show on FON.


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Today I saw this very well written article on, the Argentine project to provide educational materials and connect schools to the internet that I started in 2000, and was very happy to see that my efforts of 2002 to save from the collapse of the country had been successful. I am very glad that I did all I could to save the project including donating more funds because, even though I understand that food comes before education with the use of the internet, I strongly believe that if Argentina had continue educating the current generation without the internet there would have been no food for many years to come.
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The interview with Richard Falkvinge, of the Pirate Party, was done at a loud party with only candlelight. I hope you can hear something!

During this summer I spent 5 days in a conference where I met Philip Rosedale, who is a very interesting guy, an artist of the Internet who managed to create a living movie. This morning my friend Ola Ahlvarsson interviewed him in SIME. The interesting part was that he did the interview from inside Second Life.

Unfortunately, you cannot see the movie very wel,l but his answers are extremely interesting. This is what wikipedia says about Second Life. It is a fascinating story.

I just announced at SIME Conference in Stockholm that between now and Christmas Swedish, Finnish and Danish FONeros can get their Foneras for free at FON. Pls do not be discouraged that it says 29.95 euros as the price when you go into our page. When you go to the Swedish, Danish and Finnish shops the Fonera is FREE for those countries. And not only it is free, we don´t even ask for credit card information.

But what we do ask and is very important is that you promise ot be a good FONero. It is a promise, not a contract. All you need to do is agree that you will keep your Fonera on or else pass it on to another FONero who says he/she will.

Today I spoke at SIME in the session called “Meeting of minds: the Real New Things – sizzling without hot air”.

The rest of the panelists were Carlos Bhola, Managing Partner of Celsius Capital, Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, entrepreneur and founder Reboot conference and Alexander Bard, pop star (Army of Lovers, Bodies Without Organs), producer and writer. Moderator was Thomas Crampton, from the International Herald Tribune.

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