Yesterday in the Bay Area I had a fantastic brainstorming session with Gilles BianRosa the CEO of Azureus. If you don´t know what Azureus is and you are reading my blog you are a rara avis. 114 million people have downloaded Azureus in a world that has around 250 million broadband lines (and Azureus is kind of useless if you don´t have broadband).

Why do people download and install Azureus? For two reasons: one is to move content around the internet fast and, the second one, to share content without paying for it.
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Well, we have it. This is going to be our router.

router fon.jpg

La Fonera is in fact a nano wireless router: 72mm x 97mm x 22mm.
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Fon offered free routerslast month to the first 100 people who send us pictures showing the live in busy urban areas. These are the first 137 pictures we received, I thought they made an interesting random collection of sites. We started shipping these routers this week.

Last night I had dinner with Esther Dyson. I have known Esther for 6 years and I am proud to have her at the Fon advisory board. There are many things that I could say about Esther, her critical judgement her ability to be supportive when support is needed but tough and negative when criticism is needed. But one thing that surprises me about Esther is that because of her gender and her age she is not representative of the average users of the internet companies she is partners with.

These users are mostly male and younger and yet she has complete empathy with them. At some point in the conversation, and I don´t know if this was a freudian slip, when Dan Gillmor made a comment about her she said “I am not that kind of guy”. At risk of sounding machista I can say that she is my kind of “guy”, sharp and yet sensitive.

That when Bush and Blair invaded Iraq they really thought that they would be welcome as liberators by the Iraqi people. That global leaders know much less than we think they know.

That the next step after biotechnology will be biocomputing. I think that in the next 100 years we will grow intelligent tissue in labs and use it to perform tasks.

That the future of telecoms in urban centers will be made of fiber optics combined with very high throughput microcells.

That religion is the opium of the Republican Party.
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This is how the FT explains the Net Neutrality debate:

The rapid rise of high-bandwidth internet content, such as video, has led several telecommunications companies in the US to push for higher fees from the content providers in recent months, which could raise costs to not only established internet companies such as Google and Yahoo!, but smaller start-ups.

Advocates of “net neutrality” argue that such a move would go against the very nature of the internet, which they say has fostered innovation because its architecture is based on open and equal access. Charging content providers more, they argue, could stop tomorrow’s Googles from even starting.
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The Economist frequently commented that Silvio Berlusconi was not fit to run Italy. A corrupt media billionaire frequently avoiding criminal prosecution using statute of limitation and immunity rules did not seem like a good role model for the country. Moreover for those who used to argue that he may be corrupt but he was the only leader with the practical experience needed to fix the anemic state of the Italian economy there was little left to say when Italy became the worst performing of the large European economies. As a result Silvio Berlusconi lost the last elections. But last night Italy went to the other extreme, from the corrupt media tycoon Prime Minister to the reformed pro Soviet Communist President. Is choosing Giorgio Napolitano, an 81 year old communist who supported the Soviet Dictatorship wise? Personally I feel embarrassed about Europe now having a President who applauded the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, the repression of Prague of 1968 and all the Soviet led horrors that we know were taking place around that time. How will Giorgio Napolitano interact with the fellow Presidents in the region, the Poles, the Hungarians, the Czechs, who bravely fought the Soviets for decades while he defended them? It seems to me that Europe has rightly condemned the horrors of the Nazi dictatorships but it has not really come to terms with the injustice of the Soviet Empire. People who supported a regime who would shoot emigrants at the Berlin Wall should not be given such a prominent role in contemporary society.

Being a non religious person myself I find many of the views of the Catholic Church difficult to deal with. Opposing the use of condoms for example is to me extremely irresponsible. But surfing the net this morning through Microsiervos I got to this comment made by a Vatican astronomer who I found summarized what I thought about creationism, mainly that creationism is a superstition. I was surprise to find myself in total agreement with the Catholic Church. I wonder though what the rest of the Catholic Church thinks about creationism.

My friend Joshua Ramo wrote an article in Newsweek that manages to talk in poetic terms about the most non poetic of experiences, jet lag. In this article he introduces a concept of a person´s average speed.

we came up with the idea of calculating our average speeds. We took the number of miles we had flown in the year, divided it by the number of hours in a year and produced an average annual velocity.

Reading this I thought that a related measure could be a personal globalization index. The formula would be the same but only intercontinental flights would count.

The Fon Maps are beginning to look better. Before, with us showing only the last 20 foneros we could not get a sense of community being built. Now we are showing the last 100 and if you refresh the screen as you zoom in you see more and more foneros. We still have a long way to go but the improvement is a good start.

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