FON is being organized as follows. The central headquarters are located in Alcobendas. Alcobendas is a town close to Madrid that is developing so quickly that there’s no building within a km of ours that is older than 10 years. Fon is so far only funded by myself and as of today is 4 months old.
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I was watching a cat sleeping and remembered that most felines seem to sleep very well. Is this because they are predators? Do predators sleep better? What a life! Mostly sleep until you… kill.

Is Argentina much more subject to populist presidents than Chile because in Argentina it is a illegal not to vote while in Chile voting is a choice? Are voters who are forced to vote as bad making community oriented choices as the kids who were “not aborted” that Freakonomics talks about?

I lived for 18 years in New York City, I started in the East Village as a student at NYU, went on to W118th St as a grad at Columbia and ended up at 5 story elevator townhouse, 47 E63rd St as a very successful entrepreneur. Still those cockroaches were always there utterly disregarding my changes in Manhattan social standing. Why is it that wherever I lived there were tons of cockroaches? Why is it that since I moved to Europe cockroaches are not a problem anymore? Don´t they travel?

Considering that the Vatican inhabitants mostly can´t have children… Does that make the country the most successful immigrant state in the world? Can you have a country in which its president is always born someplace else?

I will be in Munich arriving the evening of January 23rd and speaking at Digital Life. Hope to see you there!

Om Malik covers FON today where he discloses that we have been having meetings at Google. This he obtains from the New Google Blog who picked it up from the blog of Ejovi, our lead American fonero. Yes, it is the case that we have been meeting with our friends at Google. Why? Google and FON share one passion and that is for the internet to truly be everywhere, on many devices as possible and at great speeds and that is something that so far only WiFi accomplishes. What did we do at Google? We basically explained to different managers how Fon works and how the movement is spreading. FON is a global movement started in Spain and supported by a software download that allows people who already have broadband over WiFi to contribute excess bandwidth at home (foneros) and obtain bandwidth from other foneros anywhere in the world. So far FON has grown very well by word of mouth but who knows, we may have to buy some google ads at some point. BTW, the concerns that some express at Om´s blog are reasonable and we are addressing them. We will have answers to some of these issues at eTel on January 25th in San Francisco where I will be introducing FON in America.

While at FON we have been able to gather some remarkable Europeans to work with us and support our movement I am just amazed at the brain power that is coming from the States, a lot thanks to Ejovi Nuwere our lead American fonero who is doing a terrific job communicating the FON Movement in the States. Case in point Jerry Michalski who has just joined our American Board. When I look at the exposure that Jerry´s career I realize that the internet is not only built by the tech entrepreneurs building large companies but as importantly by people like Jerry who are essential to contribute, edit, criticize, improve, disseminate, organize new ideas to make the Internet a better place. Welcome Jerry!

There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured with what is right in America Bill Clinton. There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence, and energy of her citizens can not cure Dwight David Eisenhower. Should Bill Clinton have quoted Eisenhower in his inaugural speech? I don´t think so… unless Clinton knew about the unoriginality of his phrase. Case in point, this blog. To me, this blog is mostly a blog of my ideas, or at least of what I think are my original ideas. Indeed my whole career has been built around what I think are my original ideas from callback to to FON. But the way I define originality is whether I had or did not have the idea on my own, not if somebody else also happened to have the same or a similar idea and I did not know about it. Now enter Google. One of the things that Google is great for is at testing your originality. Should Google develop a tool that googles every phrase as you write it? Maybe, but it would probably be terribly discouraging to discover that most phrases you write have been already said (should I google this last phrase?). And is the concept of a google based originality tester an original idea? I think so, because I never heard anyone mentioning a tool that checks your originality in real time. Indeed I believe that google or an associated developer should develop an “originalator” The originalator would basically destroy any idea that you thought was original (should I Google that as well?). Personally, I don´t think I could use it I would be paralyzed.

PS 1: using the google spell check from the toolbar while writing this post I discovered that the verb to google is not part of the google dictionary. Maybe the google originalator would be more lenient than what I had imagined.

PS 2: Damn!! I just google “originalator” and found 18 entries!

Jobs and Wozniak, Bill and Steve, Larry and Sergey, David and Jerry, Pierre and Meg and recently Niklas and Janus. What is it about couples and success on the internet? Do I need to find my mindmate to make it big with FON? Is that why Larry never seems to make it?

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