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Convinced that Obama was going to win the elections and implement the Green revolution I bought shares of Iberdrola Renovables, the Spanish company that is the largest wind farm operator in the world and the second largest in USA. So far there has been no Obama effect in the share price of this and many other alternative energy companies. But I think there will be and I wanted to share this opportunity with my readers. Alternative energy companies like Iberdrola Renovables and companies who supply them like Vestas, Gamesa, or compete with them like Acciona, are all down 60% or more this year. Presently we still live through an irrational market that prices all stocks alike both on their way down and up. But as the fog dissipates I am convinced that there will be winners and losers and even though my Iberdrola Renovables shares are where they were a month ago when I bought them I believe that this company that is already a global leader in wind energy generation will get the recognition from investors it deserves.

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